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Hunter Valley Activities For Kids

It’s been long established as a destination for adults rich in wine traditions and exotic gourmet foods. But is it a place specifically for the grown ups to indulge their taste buds? Or are there activities the kids can enjoy whilst mum and dad are laid out on the cellar door floor (again)? There’s quite a lot to do in The Hunter Valley that kids, big & small, can really enjoy. Let’s go through a few activities for kids.



Hunter Valley Tasting Fees

A tasting fee has been a widely discussed and often controversial topic for many years in the Hunter Valley. There are a few places around the world where tasting fees are common (the US for one) however traditionally in The Hunter Valley as well as many historical wine regions around the world such as Europe,  a tasting fees are not common. Now however, especially due to number restrictions due to Covid-19, Hunter Valley Wine Tours usually include a tasting fee.



  • ku ring gai national park

Driving From Sydney To The Hunter Valley – Tours Drive 33

The drive from Sydney to The Hunter Valley, if you take Tourist Drive 33, is a beautiful one. Not long after you get onto the M1, you soon find yourself driving on a motorway that literally cuts through the Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park. The motorway is bordered by huge sandstone cut walls that lead in and out of lush bushland.



How to sell wine at a cellar door

How to sell wine? After working in The Hunter Valley for more than10 years, I’ve now watched 100’s of wine tasting presentations and so it may come as no surprise to hear that some are better than others. There are absolutely brilliant wine presenters and beautiful cellar doors in the Hunter Valley and from a tour guides perspective, it’s a pleasure taking groups to see them knowing they will be looked after.