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  • Cycling in Sydney

Cycling in Sydney

Cycling In Sydney

Cycling in Sydney offers a unique and exhilarating way to explore the city’s diverse landscapes, iconic landmarks, and vibrant neighbourhoods. With its extensive network of dedicated bike paths, scenic coastal routes, and urban trails, Sydney provides cyclists of all levels with endless opportunities to pedal their way through this dynamic metropolis, soaking up the sights, sounds, and sunshine along the way.


  • Christmas in July

Christmas in July – Yulefest

Christmas in July (Yulefest)

Nestled amidst the serene landscapes of New South Wales, Australia, the Blue Mountains region offers more than just breathtaking vistas and tranquil retreats. Each July, this picturesque area becomes a haven for those seeking a unique twist on traditional festivities: Yulefest or Christmas in July. This delightful celebration blends the warmth of winter with the festive spirit of Christmas, creating a charming atmosphere that enchants locals and visitors alike.



Why Join A Group Tour?

Why join a group tour?

Joining a group tour when you travel can offer a multitude of benefits that enhance your overall experience and make your journey more enjoyable, enriching, and memorable. Whether you’re exploring a new destination, embarking on an adventure-packed itinerary, or seeking to connect with like-minded travellers, group tours provide a convenient, stress-free way to discover the world and create lasting memories



  • City2Surf

City2Surf Sydney

Sydney’s City2Surf 

Sydney’s City2Surf is not just a race; it’s a cultural phenomenon. The annual pilgrimage embodies the spirit of Sydney like no other event. Spanning 14 kilometers from the heart of Sydney’s CBD to the iconic Bondi Beach, this legendary fun run attracts 80,000 participants every year. From seasoned athletes to casual joggers, all united by a shared passion for fitness, community, and adventure.



  • Blue Mountains Star Gazing
  • Blue Mountains Star Gazing

Star Gazing Blue Mountains

Blue Mountains Star Gazing

In the heart of the majestic Blue Mountains, where the night sky unfolds like a vast canvas of twinkling stars, lies an enchanting experience waiting to be discovered – Blue Mountains Star Gazing Tours. Conceived by the visionary duo, Caroline Boulom and Dimitri Douchin, these tours offer an unparalleled journey into the cosmos, blending science, storytelling, and the natural beauty of the Australian wilderness.



  • Bowral Beekeeping Tours

Bowral Beekeeping

Bowral Beekeeping Tours 

In the picturesque town of Bowral, nestled amidst the rolling hills and verdant landscapes of New South Wales, lies a hidden gem for enthusiasts of nature’s tiny marvels – Bowral Beekeeping Tours. Led by the effervescent and knowledgeable Hamish, these tours offer a delightful immersion into the world of bees, honey, and the vital role they play in our ecosystem.



  • Sydney Film Festival

Sydney Film Festival

Sydney Film Festival

The Sydney Film Festival stands as a beacon of cinematic excellence, captivating audiences with a diverse array of international and Australian films since its inception in 1954. Over the decades, it has evolved into one of the world’s most respected film festivals, renowned for its celebration of artistic innovation, cultural diversity, and storytelling brilliance.



  • Whale Watching in Sydney

Whale Watching in Sydney

Whale Watching in Sydney

Whale watching in Sydney offers a thrilling and unforgettable experience, allowing visitors to witness the majestic beauty of these gentle giants as they journey along the coast during their annual migration. From the comfort of a boat or from vantage points along the shoreline, whale watchers have the opportunity to observe humpback whales, southern right whales, and even orcas as they breach, spy-hop, and tail-slap in the waters of the Tasman Sea.



  • Sam Collins

Sam Collins

About our owner, Sam Collins

Sam Collins, the owner of Kangarrific Tours, is a dynamic and passionate individual dedicated to providing unforgettable experiences for tourists visiting the Hunter Valley region of New South Wales, Australia. As the driving force behind Kangarrific Tours, Sam has built a reputation for excellence in delivering high-quality, personalised tours that showcase the beauty, diversity, and unique attractions of the Hunter Valley.



  • Hot Air Balloon Experience

Hot Air Balloon Ride

Hot Air Balloon Experience in the Hunter Valley

For over 10 years now I’ve been hosting groups to the Hunter Valley however it wasn’t until recently that I had the chance to take to the skies with an incredible Hot Air Balloon Experience with Balloons Aloft.