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  • Australian Borders Are Open

Australian Borders Are Open

Well we’ve just finished the summer here with our borders closed however as of a few weeks ago, our Australian borders are open to international guests, finally!! What does that mean? Well, visitors!!!!


Yay, those who have been unable to visit Australia due to Covid restrictions, now can. What does that mean for tourism? Well, for those businesses that have managed to stay afloat, we can begin to build our businesses again. We witnessed many tourism related businesses go under over the last 2 years which is extremely unfortunate and I hope they will find a way to make a come back. Having had to start from scratch a couple of times myself, it’s a challenge and huge lessons can be learnt that can be of great benefit later.


Australian Borders Are Open


Yes, Australian borders are open….it’s such a nice thing to be able to say! It’s very early days however we have been getting some enquiries and even a few recent bookings which is wonderful, Yes the numbers are small however considering there has been nothing for 2 years, it’s really really encouraging. 


And a little reminder to anyone reading this, please book your tours and activities directly with businesses, not through online agents like Trip Advisor. Their 26% commission is simply too much and we can’t operate a tour for 2 people when such a huge chuck goes to them. But we can operate a tour for 2 if it’s booked directly. And we need every booking we can get! Apart from some income it’s an opportunity to have each new guests spread the word and tell their friends and family we are here and ready to look after them.


For those of you who have been waiting to visit for so long, well now is the time! I don’t want to seem like we are begging however….please please please come and visit us all down under! We can’t wait to see you! 


Australian borders are open!

For information about our entry conditions, please visit the Australian Home Affairs link.

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