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Guest Blogs

Over the years we have met some really wonderful travellers. Excited with wide eyes and an appetite for something new. Seeing how our guests respond to our experience throughout the day is always fun. When we read their Hunter Valley blog, it’s all the more rewarding! There is a lot of effort put into these blogs so I thought it would be nice to share a number with you.


The first is from a lovely girl from the UK who wrote a travel blog called Where’s Mollie? She has since rebranded her site to “We Are Global Travellers” where she shares her experiences on the road along with a team of adventurous travel bloggers. Mollie now has nearly 80k followers on Instagram so is certainly on herby to become an all reaching travel influencer! You can read her Hunter Valley tour blog here.


Two Gays and a Puppy! Nick and Brandon joined the tour over the summer 2016 whilst on their honeymoon. Two guys with big grins and loving their time down under (although their puppy was left at home). You can read their Hunter Valley tour blog here.


No Home Just Roam! This lovely couple have been on the tour twice! The story of how this British guy met this American girl is pretty awesome (get in touch and ask them!). They are now travelling across the US with their dog. You can read their Hunter Valley tour blog here.


Off the accessible path. This is a travel blog by Nick Westermeyer with a focus on travelling in a wheelchair. It was great to be able to provide a tour that he was able to join and enjoy as a quadriplegic. Travelling is for everyone and he is a great example of how this can be done. You can read his Hunter Valley tour blog here.


Kangarrific Kylie! Here is an old blog from way back in 2011. A lovely guests I still remember with the very first bus and not long after we had perfected our itinerary. And a time when we used to visit a really lovely vineyard called Molly’s Cradle (since sold and no longer open). You can read her Hunter Valley tour blog here.


Mary and Herb. Travel bloggers from the US and I would say are quite into their photography by the number and quality of the photos presented in this blog! They really captured the day on film so a great blog to look at if you are too tired to read through it. You can read their Hunter Valley tour blog here.


Jessica Ann Sampson. This bag of beans with a huge smile that never went off also has a blog you should check out. She jump on the tour with a few of her friends and it was obvious they were really enjoying their trip down under. You can read her Hunter Valley tour blog here.


So there you have it! A lovely collection of blogs that our guests have written over the years. Keen to book a tour?

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