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Sydney Beaches

Where are the best Sydney beaches? We’ve long been researching a Sydney tour that we, as locals, believe can really show our visitors the immense beauty of Sydney’s wonderful nature. These scenic locations are not easily accessible without a vehicle. And so, they are often missed by the vast majority of our visitors.

We’re now getting ready to share these areas we, as Sydneysiders, have been enjoying, almost exclusively, for 1000’s of years. In particular, Sydney’s spectacular beaches.


Your typical Sydney tour will often include Bondi beach, Australia’s most famous beach. As much as we do love Bondi (it’s where we live), its fame is due to its accessibility. With direct buses from the city, and a train line the extends quite close, you can be there in minutes. The result is that it receives many 1000’s of visitors there each day. In fact up to 100,000 visitors a day have been known to visit Bondi Beach during the warmer holiday season. It must be noted though, as far as beaches go, Bondi Beach is not particularly attractive, relatively speaking. Australia has 12,000 beaches….why is Bondi Beach often singled out? We really have no idea.


So where are Sydney’s most beautiful Beaches? They are located in the far north of Sydney’s coastline. Palm Beach, Whale Beach, Bilgola beach are 3 in particular that are incredibly impressive. These areas have enjoyed relative protection from development. Local councils, keen to appease the locals, have always opposed changing the category of land zones that would allow for denser construction. So the result is sparse housing areas, greater land sizes and nothing really built higher than 3 stories. There are no high-rises, no beach front resorts and no hotel chains.


This council protection gives quiet suburbs, with plenty of green space and beaches in many respects that are untouched. Unlike Bondi Beach, you can imagine that these northern beaches look similar today as they would have 1000’s of years ago. 


Interestingly, there are some surprisingly dramatic natural differences between the Eastern Beaches of Sydney (that includes Bondi Beach) and the northern beaches. Sand, for one. The northern beaches have a darker, almost orange coloured sand that is coarser. It matches well with the dramatic darker Sydney sandstone cliffs that hold these beaches to the sea. They also provide a far greener landscape, which is likely due to the overdevelopment experienced in the city beaches.


Along with the small numbers of visitors these northern beaches attract daily, you simply don’t feel you are actually in Sydney. These beaches have that ‘Holiday Feel’. All cities should have areas like this ,not necessarily in the form of beaches, but certainly nature. So it’s long been an area for locals to escape the stress of their day to day work like and get some fresh air with their family, friends or simply some deserved alone time.


So stay turned, as our new Sydney tour that will include these beaches will be announced soon. In the meantime, we are, and have been for years, offering private tours to these areas. Please get in touch if that may interest you.


Contact us here to learn more and well, I hope to see you on tour soon!

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