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Social Day Out

Have you ever taken part in a social day out? If not, why not? One of the difficulties I found travelling, particularly when I was single, is finding friends to travel with. A lot has to align. Firstly you need to find someone who wants to go to the same place. then they will need to have time off to go when you wish to go. You also need to have a similar budget. And you need to also have similar interests. There’s no point travelling with someone who prefers to relax when you want to be adventurous. Nor with someone who prefers hotels over camping or Michelin star restaurants over hole in the walls.


And the same goes when you are not travelling! Staying put in your home town. Let’s face it, there are many things you may enjoy doing that your friends don’t. So you are force to do them alone. Fantastic!! Some may prefer not to do an activity on their own and I think that’s unfortunate. Being comfortable doing activities on your own is growth. It’s mature and it’s very healthy. I have met some of the greatest people in my life doing activities on my own. Some are now my closest friends.


Social Day OutThis is why we have now begun to create day trips specifically for locals who are keen to get out and explore Sydney on their own. A social day out via our Sydney Social Club will cover a variety of areas, from traditional destinations like the Hunter Valley to local festivals and events outside of Sydney. Please, check in regularly via our Sydney Social Club link and see if anything is of interest to you!


And please, don’t be afraid to come on your own! A social day out is such a wonderful way to experience things you are interested in and meet like minded people. You never know who you may meet on a tour. Perhaps no-one you click with and that’s ok. Every tour has a selection of new individuals so perhaps on another tour you will meet your new best friend or partner!? Remember, you won’t meet anyone sitting at home.


And hey, if you have a particular interest and have an idea of a fun day out, then please let us know! We’d be happy to look into it as a possible new day adventure!


I hope to see you in tour soon!

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