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  • Probus Group Tours

Probus Sydney Tours

Kangarrific Tours has always have a wonderful relationship with our local retired community. Over the years we have provided a range of Probus tours. From the Hunter Valley, Blue Mountains, Southern Highlands and even Canberra (yes, a fairly long day!). And as our local tourism market opens despite Covid 19 restrictions, we look forward to more fun days out!


It’s always a pleasure meeting Probus members as they all have that travel spark that ignites as soon as they board the bus. You can tell they are really excited about the day ahead and there is no better frame of mind to be in when you are starting a new adventure.


Probus members all have a story to tell! I love spending the day hearing a variety of anecdotes from their previous adventures. They are such great story tellers! And so funny so on many occasions I have been caught in stitches. I can only assume they all have fairly adventurous backgrounds.


We have always designed our Probus tours based on the needs and interests of each specific group. If the group have visited a location before, we like to ensure they get a completely different experience this next time. And the variety is obviously appreciated which is why they tend to rebook again and again.


We are Covid Safe!


There have been some concern over Probus tours being Covid Safe, and I can confirm they are. We have a Covid safe plan! It includes, face masks onboard, temperature checks, hand sanitiser and regularly wiped high traffic/touch surfaces. The venues we visit also all have their own Covid safe plans in full gear.


So moving forward, if any over 55 groups like Probus are interested in booking a private charter with us, please get in touch. Our Hunter Valley Tour is our most popular! The Southern Highlands the least most (and I have no idea why as it’s absolutely beautiful down there). But wherever you’d like to go, please get in touch here as we would be really honoured to look after you!

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