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  • How Many Vineyards Should We Visit?

How Many Is Too Many?

When I first started offering Hunter Valley wine tours, my initial plan was to visit as many vineyards as possible. One of the reasons why was because when I began approaching local travel agents in the hope that they might sell my tour, there first two questions were ‘How much?’ and ‘How many vineyards do you visit?’. And so it began with a healthy 5! As no other tour was visiting 5 vineyards, so the idea was to try and produce a tour better than what the others were offering.


Vineyard Hunter Valley

I quickly discovered though that those last 2 and sometime 3 vineyards we would visit lacked the interest given to the first couple. I guess it was just more of the same. It kind of reminded me of my European Contiki tour where our guide upon arriving at another significant Italian church would often describe it as ‘Just Another F……. Church’. Not the most professional explanation however yes, I think you can have too much of a good thing.


So over time I experimented with other itineraries and eventually 5 vineyards became 2. Is 2 enough? Yes, absolutely. Well absolutely if you choose two good vineyards with a lovely selection of wines. It’s far better to visit 2 great vineyards than 5 ordinary ones. 


Hunter Valley Cheese TastingDiversity Is Key


And the Hunter Valley has so much more to offer as well! It’s become a gourmet lovers dream with not only wine but olives, chocolate, cheese, olive oil, vodka, gin, beer and countless amazing restaurants and cafes. Yes, variety in the spice of life!


But I must say, it’s sometimes hard to convince guests of this. Particularly when I’m organising private tours. Being a private tour, guests can obviously go wherever they please and I am more than happy to go along with guest designed itineraries however most prefer to leave t up to me and it can take a little bit of a nudge to encourage a more diverse itinerary.


I decided to write this blog today as today I took a lovely group of ladies to the Hunter Valley who did only want to try wine and so 5 tastings were booked in. They were very excited about the idea of hitting the vineyards hard. The 3rd tasting was also where they had lunch. As lunch finished and one of them ask ‘where to next?’ I told them the next vineyard ‘Aww more wine!?’ she replied unenthusiastically. As lovely as the first 3 vineyards were, this group was certainly done. As the next vineyard was booked we did the 4th however I change the last vineyard to a brewery which they loved.


So if you are planning a day to the vineyards, whether it be a Hunter Valley wine tour, or perhaps to the Southern Highlands, Mudgee or anywhere else, consider doing less in order to appreciate more!


Feel free to contact us if you would like further information.

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