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  • Goodbye 2020

Goodbye 2020 – it’s been emotional

What a year for us all! In a way it’s a little odd that it is coming to an end. It’s been such a heavy year for many, and to think it will soon be over there can be a mixture of relief and nostalgia. A year certainly all of us will never forget. Goodbye 2020!

For Kangarrific Tours, it’s been a huge challenge. Our last group Hunter Valley wine tour was back in March. An eerie time to be operating as we all sensed something big and nasty was on the horizon but none of us knew the extent of what that was. Like the calm before a tsunami heads to the coast and wreaks havoc.


I have been operating Hunter Valley wine tours for over 10 years now, with the first few years being challenging in getting set up. Lot’s of unknowns, a totally new industry for myself (I was perviously a construction manager), a big financial commitment with little to no returns with many mistakes made as I eventually carved my way into the industry. Through lots of trial and error I found a formula that worked.


The Journey


And for those years following, it involved further hard work as I was operating on my own. I was not only the tour guide but also the marketing guy, accountant, administrator, cleaner, bus washer and complaints department (thankfully a very quiet department). But making it work needed commitment. Long days, many hours and no time off on the weekends or holiday periods. 


When Covid struck, everything ceased. All future bookings were cancelled and we, without question, refunded everyone in full (don’t really understand why other businesses didn’t). Sydney went into lockdown and we were all forced to spend a lot of extra time indoors. Hunter Valley wine tours were no more!


The Plus Side


On a personal level, it’s actually been great. I’ve been forced to take a step back and it’s been lovely spending all this extra time with my family. Financially, well not so good however the government have really help in this regard that has kept our heads above water. But I do wish to say goodbye 2020.


We have changed Kangarrific Tours somewhat, trying to be more focused on providing for local tourism. Sydney locals and those visiting from other cities. With a primary focus on providing covid friendly private group tours. But it really hasn’t been that simple and hasn’t taken off. People are still cautious and there is currently little demand for Hunter Valley wine tours


What Now?


Goodbye 2020The bus tours are simply on ice. A recovery will happen, and it may be 12 months away. But when tourism opens up again, we will be ready. So let see how 2021 goes. However this has been the first Christmas that I have had off and it’s been lovely! Although we have Covid restrictions, they are fairly mild compare to other parts of the world and so we are all grateful for that. Touch wood! A new mini wave has started in Sydney which we hope will be controlled quickly. Let’s see.


But yes, this year…it’s been emotional and I want to thank and wish all of you who have been in touch and offered words of support the very best for 2021. I hope we have all learnt a lot, become stronger, have reset priorities and have learnt what’s really important for ourselves and this amazing planet of ours.


Our New Project


And oh! We started a new project! Ahoy Sydney! We have invested in a charter boat and hope to be able to provide Sydney Sailing tours in the next couple of months! It should appeal to Sydney locals as well as internationals when the boarders open again. So more on that to come or get in touch now to hear more.


Goodbye 2020. See you in the new year!

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