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  • Mulled Wine

Christmas Mulled Wine

Well it tis the season! Oh Christmas, how we love you! There is so much about Christmas I love, with too many to list in one blog. Ok, I’ll sneak one in here… the smell of a real Christmas Tree (I’m sitting a couple of metres away from one now)! But if there is one wine related Christmas tradition, at least for us, then it’s Christmas mulled wine! Everything from making it, smelling it, drinking it and sharing it!

I believe it’s much bigger in Europe than it is down under due to the warmer climate here. But hey, there is always Christmas in July! In Europe it’s also known as Glühwein in German, Glögg, gløgg, glögi in Scandinavia, vin brulé in Italia however there are many names from many different places. And with so many Europeans now settled here then it’s any wonder it’s a tradition that has gained in popularity over the years.

So how do you make it? Well, there are many recipes online to help you out but we have one that I have been using for about 18 years. I actually learnt this recipe when I did a ski season in the French Alps back in 2002. This is what we served at Hôtel des Lacs in Chamonix!


Mulled Wine Ingredients:

  • Mulled Wine1 bottle of red wine (no need to go top shelf here…cheap and cheerful is fine)
  • 1/2 litre orange juice (used for flavour and as a sweetener instead of adding raw sugar)
  • Sliced whole orange
  • 3 cinnamon sticks
  • 10 whole cloves
  • 5 whole star anise


Mulled Wine Method:


Very simple. Just add it all together in a pot and place on a very low heat covered. Let it heat up slowly however try not to let it boil. Keep at a low heat for at least an hour however a few hours is best.


Use a ladle to scoop out of the pot and into a mug. Try not to scoop out too many ingredients however it can be a nice touch to let 2 or 3 slip though and float in the mug.

Keep warm and try to finish on the same day. It’s always best consumed on the day it was made.  


We are having some Christmas drinks at home this coming Tuesday and so our Mulled Wine will be ready! Walking into a home filled with the smell of Mulled Wine really sets the Christmas mood. Can”t wait!


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