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Hello 2021! A Fresh Start?

Well we are off to a fresh start and there is plenty of optimism surrounding this new year. Now I’m a pretty optimistic guy but also a realist and a huge turn around does seem unlikely. I think we need another 12 months to get out of this mess. Will this year be a lot better? It certainly couldn’t be any worse than last year! Oh how I miss our trips to the Hunter Valley! It seems we’re now close to an internationally available vaccine, and at least in Australia, our Covid 19 numbers and relatively low. 

It will be a fresh start though! It’s likely it will probably be a slow start however tourism will gain momentum. Initially Australian tourism will grow with a healthy demand of local tourist visiting different parts of Australia. As well as their own backyard! Then hopefully, towards the end of the year the gates will be open to a select number of countries who have managed to gain control of Covid 19.

The next couple of months will be quite challenging for those of us relying on the government for financial support. That, at this stage, ends in March. A lot of us in tourism have been working in other fields in the meantime which isn’t all that bad as we know it’s temporary. I’ve been working with a puppy school, taking the little muppets home at the end of the day…quite a fun gig. But yes, I long to return to The Hunter Valley. I’m way overdue for a catch up with everyone who I’ve really hardly seen over the past 10 months. 

So let’s see what this year brings. I think 2022 will see more of a movement back to normality however I think we have seen the worst of it here in Australia. We seem to be on top of things, covid-wise, and I hope the rest of the world can also manage to take back control of it. It’s positive to see the vaccine being rolled out now in a lot of places.

We are still offering Hunter Valley group tours which can be booked online. And we are also offering private tours to other areas in and around Sydney. So whether you are a groups of friends, family or colleagues who want to get out and explore somewhere fun for the day, please get in touch!


Goodbye 2020. See you in the new year!

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