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Fun Sydney Activities:


We have hand selected a few Sydney Activities we believe will help you get the most out of your time in Sydney. Enjoy!


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Whale Watching

Daily Whale Watching Tours from $99pp

Join our friends at Whale Tales for an unforgettable experience observing the incredible Humpback Whales during their migration north. As they seek warmer waters to mate and give birth, about 2000 whales will make their way toward Cairns.


Step aboard a custom made themed whale watching vessel that leaves from Sydney Aquarium Wharf in Darling Harbour. As a boutique operator who hosts a maximum of 25 guests, they offer a personal experience with plenty of interesting facts about the whales you’ll observe first hand. Sydney activities like this one is a must!


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Whale Watching

Sydney Tall Ships

Sydney Harbour Lunch Cruise $55pp

Sydney Talls Ships have a fantastically unique experience we highly recommend to anyone who would like to ‘really’ get a feel for Sydney Harbour.


Hear about the amazing story of Sydney’s only authentic timber tall ships Southern Swan or the beautiful Soren Larsen. Get the opportunity to help hoist and set the sails – a truly unique part of your experience aboard a tall ship. Watch as the wind fills the sails and feel its strength carry the ship across the harbour. The moment the wind takes over and the sound of the engine fades away is like stepping back in time – an experience thousands of sailors across the ages have felt, as they stood on a tall ships deck.


Tall Ship Lunch Cruise

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Twilight Dinner Cruise

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Sydney Tall Ship

Thunder Thrill Ride

Great value from $39pp

Thunder Jet is a family run business based in Sydney. They specialise in providing a unique and fast paced thrill ride, full of adrenaline and heart pumping excitement.


The Thunder Thrill ride offers a thrilling and fun harbour 30 minute harbour adventures for children and adults alike. These heart pumping, adrenaline ride have the jet boats preforming amazing stunts and wild spins through Sydney Harbour with slides, twists, wave riding, power brake stops, and sweeping fishtails. Our modern jet boats do sightseeing with a twist showcasing the world’s most beautiful city and harbour all year round.



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Sydney Jet Boating

Lantern Ghost Tour of Sydney

For a spooky $36pp

Venture back to historic Sydney. A time when prisoners were the law, public executions were commonplace and the Rocks Push ruled the street. Discover slums overrun with mass burial pits, sly grog haunts, opium dens and ghosts searching for their loved ones and revenge on those who crossed them. 

Approximate Duration: 1.5 hours 

Venue: Street tour 

Terrain: Leisurely 2 km of walking,  uneven paths, stairs 

Paranormal Activity: Moderate



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Sydney Ghost Tour