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From Where Would You Like Spend The Day?

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Private Hunter Valley Tours
Private Hunter Valley Tours

Private Hunter Valley Tours

The Vineyards


Private Hunter Valley TourOur private Hunter Valley tour guests are welcome to select their own vineyards however most prefer to leave this to us. Our vineyards are carefully chosen. We firstly like to get an idea of what our guests interests are. They may be specific or quite diverse, but every group is different.


After more than 10 years we have built wonderful relationships with a number on vineyards in the Hunter Valley. We specialise in visiting the smaller premium vineyards that focus on quality over quantity. That’s not to say there are not some bigger produces also creating some lovely wines. There certainly are however they are often accessible from your local bottle shop. The smaller vineyards we visit only sell their wines directly from the cellar door. So you will discover some special wines you may never have come across before.


Cafes and Restaurants


The other benefit of a private Hunter Valley wine tour is the choice and flexibility with regards to lunch. There are so many options to choose and it really depend on your day. Whether you are after something simple and fast or would prefer a long boozy lunch with a view, it’s really up to you. We can give you a variety of suggestions to choose from.


And apart from wine?


Private Hunter Valley TourWell, there is quite a lot more to do than wine tasting. There are some locally produced cheese you can taste made from Hunter Valley goats and cows, olive oil and olives made/grown from Hunter Valley grown trees.


There are also various activities such as hot air ballooning, horse riding, golf, Hunter Valley zoo and even sky diving! Let us know if any of those activities also interest you.


Beer, Vodka and Gin


To confuse your taste bud even more, there are a wonderful selection of distilleries and brewery you can also incorporate into your day. From glittered fluro vodka to organ gin and incredibly delicious craft beer, your senses will be well looked after.


Remember, it’s your day!


We are here to make your day as memorable as possible so if there is anything in particular that you would like as part of your day, please don’t hesitate to let us know. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Private Hunter Valley Tour