Wineries in Lovedale


The name Adina is aboriginal and means “calm and peaceful”. – which is really the underlying theme of this beautiful family owned estate. The vineyard is owned by Peter and Helen O’Meara who are working hard at building “the Adina Experience” for clients. The cellar door is new, but the vineyard is not. Vines have been grown on this property since the 1860′s, and the modern vineyard was mostly planted in the 1980′s, so the vines are nicely matured. Over the years there have been many memorable wines produced from grapes grown on the property.

Produce: Semillon, Verdelho, Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay, Rose, Merlot, Merlot Cabernet Franc, Sangiovese, Petit, Verdot, Shiraz

Allandale Winery

Established in 1978, Allandale Winery’s 30 year history is a story of growth and success. Allandale has created an acclaimed portfolio of wines made from their own and selected vineyards in the Hunter Valley, Mudgee, Orange, Hilltops, Hastings Valley and McLaren Vale areas of Australia. Allandale makes all of its wines on-site using state-of-the-art winemaking equipment. The wines are of the highest quality and consistency, renowned for their distinctive varietal characters and superb balance of flavours. The winery and cellar door are located on a hill overlooking the vineyard stretching down to the creek and boasts panoramic views over the Hunter Valley to Brokenback mountain range.

Produce: Sparkling, Semillon, Verdelho, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Dessert Wine, Rose, Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon, Chambourcin, Sangiovese, Pinot Noir

Capercaillie Wine Co

Consistantly one of the Hunter Valley’s most award winning boutique, family owned winery and gallery featuring premium Hunter varietals and unique multi-area blends. The Capercaillie Wine Company was established in late 1995 when Alasdair and Trish Sutherland purchased the old Dawson Estate Vineyard in Lovedale in the Hunter Valley. A Scot, and proud of it, his heritage is reflected in the very name ‘Capercaillie’ being the rare and majestic black woodlands grouse native to the pine forests found through parts of Scotland.

Capercaillie’s ambition is to remain a small family owned business which is focused entirely upon the creation of premium quality wines.  To enhance the range of individual Hunter Valley Wines the winemaker Daniel Binet selects parcels of grapes from other proven regions of Australia, creating exciting multi-area blends which highlight climatic and varietal differences.

Produce: Sparkling Sauvignon Blanc, Sparkling Moscato, Hunter Valley Semillon, Hunter Valley Chardonnay, Hunter Valley Gewürztraminer, Slàinte White and Slàinte Red, Hunter Valley Rosé, Sparkling “C” Shiraz, Hunter Valley Chambourcin, Mudgee Merlot, “The Clan” Cabernet Blend, Ceilidh Shiraz, “The Ghillie” Shiraz, Sparkling Moscato, Dessert Style Gewürztraminer, Liqueur Tokay

Emma’s Cottage

Experience the small, friendly, family operation that is how the Hunter started. Every decision made in the vineyard is aimed at providing the best quality wine to our customers in an atmosphere that cares about what YOU think. All their wines are made from grapes on our own property.

Emmas Cottage Vineyard. Seriously good wine, art and accommodation. Open 6 days (closed Tuesdays) Boutique wines made from the one property the majority of which are sold through our friendly cellar door, you will have trouble finding them anywhere else!

Produce: Semillon,Chardonay, Verdelho, Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Pinot Noir, Shiraz, Champagne, Desert wine, Port

Gartelmann Wines

Gartelmann Wines is a boutique cellar door in Lovedale. Sourcing top quality fruit from various locations throughout the Hunter Valley ensures Gartelmann Wines are always of the highest quality. With a number of trophies under their belt, not to mention hundreds of medals, Jan and Jorg Gartelmann feel proud of all their wines and would love for you to sample them. Gartelmann Winery also provides local olives, olive oils, cheeses and other gourmet products for sale at the cellar door.

Produce: Semillon, Verdelho, Chardonnay, Red and White Sparkling, Merlot, Shiraz, Port, Muscat and Dessert wines

Majors Lane Wines

Majors Lane Estate is a boutique vineyard located in the heart of the Lovedale region of the Hunter Valley. Our 46 acre family owned vineyard was established in 1987 and consists of Semillon, Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay, Chambourcin and Shiraz plantings.

Majors Lane Wines are handcrafted from handpicked fruit grown exclusively on our vineyard to ensure that the characteristics and regionality of the fruit shines through. Our multi-award winning range includes Semillon, Chardonnay, Rose, Chambourcin, Shiraz and Dessert Wine.

Produce: Semillon, Semillon/Chardonnay, Rose, Shiraz & Dessert Wine

Molly’s Cradle

Molly’s Cradle, the brand, was created as a concept in 1997, converted to a reality with the first plantings of vines and the creation of the Molly’s Cradle Rothbury vineyard in 2000.

Molly’s Cradle is a privately owned family company. The brand is built on a simple premise - from the best grapes comes the best wine - Molly’s Cradle is a boutique vineyard with initial plantings of 17 acres now 25 acres.

Molly’s Cradle Vineyard is already producing some of the Hunters’ finest wines, derived simply from the growing philosophy. The vineyard from first plantings till today and into the future will be ‘hand tended’‘hand pruned’‘hand harvested’‘hand sorted’ to assure the finest possible quality fruit is passed on to the wine maker.

The latest soil, water, canopy and light management techniques are used, to ensure we take maximum advantage of this classic Australian grape growing region.

Monahan Wines

Monahan Wines is a boutique vineyard in the Hunter Valley growing high-quality grapes that are made into table wines of the outmost purity. Recognition for our wines has resulted in a number of awards: Gold, Silver and Bronze. Monahan focuses on low preservative low-allergy wines for better health. We have a specific focus on making low-allergy wines (hypo-allergic). We know that a percentage of the population suffers from wine allergies, with common symptoms being headaches, heart palpitations, asthma, facial flushing, sinusitis, and fatigue. This is generally due to the natural and man-made compounds found in wine. We feel strongly about living in a world that is environmentally sensible, and producing healthier wines for those who appreciate the difference.

Produce: Semillon Chardonnay Rose Verdelho Merlot

Noonji Estate

Noonji Estate was established in the Hunter Valley when they began Noonji Estate Homestead in 1996.  They began this life style business as a sea change from the hustle and bustle of Sydney.  The Hunter Valley had always been their favourite destination in Australia – the wines, the golf, the restaurants and the fresh county air always drew them back.

With their passion for Hunter Valley wines, they looked at incorporating a vineyard on the property but soon realised that the property would not yield the fruit quality that they desired.  With our wish to make the best wine possible, we decided to sell and begin the search for the ideal property.

Our reward was 386 Wilderness Road, Lovedale, on the river flats of Black Creek.  The property was sad and needed the tender loving care of a pair of wine tragics.  Importantly, the vineyard had the vine age and the history they sought.  Everyone they spoke to talked about the history of the vines and fabulous wines.

Produce Semillon, Chardonnay, Shiraz, Botrytis Semillon

Sandalyn Wilderness Estate

Sandalyn Wilderness Estate is situated on the northern of Lovedale in the beautiful Hunter Valley NSW. Family owned and operated and nestled in a garden setting surrounded by vineyards and olive groves, the property has extensive views to the Watagan, Brokenback and Molly Morgan ranges.

Unique Mediterranean Winery Featuring Distinctive Wines Incorporating Underground Cellar Premium Wine Tastings Sales 7 Days Group Bookings Essential Local, Regional and International Olive Produce and Products. Weekend Tutored Olive Tastings

Priduce: Methode Champenoise – Chardonnay Verdelho Sparkling Shiraz Chardonnay Semiilon/Verdelho Verdelho Shiraz Pinot Noir Semillon Late Harvest

Swish Wine

Swish Wine is a family owned, boutique wine company based in the Lovedale region of the Hunter Valley. The old growth vines, dating back as early as 1970, are comprised of the regional staples of Shiraz, Semillon and Chardonnay alongside a small amount of Merlot. Swish Wine has also recently purchased Warraroong Estate, a property adjacent to the existing vineyard holdings on Wilderness Road on the lower slopes of the Molly Morgan range. The 18 acre vineyard at Warraroong produces small yields of the highest quality fruit and demonstrates the unique terroir of the Lovedale region. Show judges and critics agree and in recent years, Warraroong wines have been awarded 21 Trophies and 38 Gold Medals at national wine shows.

Produce: Semillon, Sparkling Chardonnay, Verdelho, Chardonnay, Rose, Sauvignon Blanc-Semillon, Long Lunch White, Sauvignon Blanc, and Shiraz

Tatler Wines

The Tatler Hotel opened in 1902. It was at the Tatler Hotel on the 8th August 1907 that J J Giltinan formalised Australia’s first Rugby League Competition.In its hey day the Tatler was a favourite haunt of rugby league players, colourful racing identities, popular radio personalities and the creme of Sydney society. For its last 13 years the Tatler was owned and operated by the Isak (Isakidis) Family until it finally closed its doors on April 1986.

Twelve years later, the Isak (Isakidis) Family resurrected the Tatler name as a new vineyard in the Hunter Valley. The tradition continues……

Tatler Wines has won the N.S.W. Wine Awards trophy for the best young white wine in the state, with its 2004 Nigel’s Semillon. In just three short years of showing our wines, we have been awarded 4 trophies and over 100 other medals.

Produce: Tatler Frizzante Semillon 2010 The Tatler Sparkling Pinot Noir Chardonnay 2008. Tatler Nigel’s Semillon 2010. Tatler Over The Ditch Semillon/Sauvignon Blanc Blend 2009. Tatler Dimitri’s Paddock Chardonnay 2009. Tatler Rita’s Rose 2009. Tatler Sparkling Shiraz Cuvee Tatler Archie’s Paddock Shiraz 2009 Tatler The Nonpariiel Reserve Shiraz 2007. Tatler The Filibuster Shiraz 2009. Tatler The Sticky Botyrtis Semillon 2008. Tatler O.T.B Tawny Port.

Wandin Valley Estate

Wandin Valley Estate is situated in the Lovedale area of the lower Hunter Valley, produces wines of premium quality and is a unique tourist destination for visitors. The Estate has a bar and grill, cellar door, and offers luxurious accommodation for guests in self-contained Italian style villas, swimming pool, tennis court and a country cricket ground overlooked by the gracious Ruby Pavilion.

Produce: Semillon, Verdelho, Chardonnay, Rose, Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon