Common Questions…

Where are we located?

We are a Sydney based tour operator. Our tours start and finish from Pitt St, near Central Station, close to the Barlow St corner.

Where are the other pick-up locations?

Pick-ups are available from Bondi Junction, Kings Cross and Central Sydney. The bus is easy to recognise with red artwork on the back half along with a kangaroo jumping in front of the sun.

7.20am Bondi Junction: Grafton St (in front of the train station entrance)

7.30am Kings Cross: El Alamein Fountain on Macleay St (at the bus stop in front)

7.40am Central: Main Pickup Location Pitt St, just near the corner of Barlow St

7.45am The Waldorf Apartments: 57 Liverpool St (near Kent St cnr)

Can we pickup from your hotel?

Due to Sydney’s size and heavy traffic unfortunately we are unable to pick up from individual hotels as the delay in leaving Sydney would be excessive and we would much rather give you more time in the Hunter Valley. So we have centralised the pickup locations. All are very close to train stations or major bus routes.

What is the group size of each tour?

Our tours are small and personalised with a maximum of 13 guests for each tour. On average, the group size is around 8-10 guests

Are there additional costs on the tour?

There are no additional charges on your tour apart from lunch and beer tasting (we get a lovely discount here). Everything else is included in your tour price or is offered for free. You will also have the opportunity to purchase wine, chocolate, cheese and beer if that interests you too.

Which vineyards do we visit?

There are a large number of vineyards in the Hunter, however we visit mostly boutique premium vineyards that have a great selection of white, red and dessert wine varieties. We also use vineyards that are picturesque in location and have wonderful friendly wine staff. We want you to have a true Hunter experience of the highest quality. We don’t have set vineyards, in fact it’s not until we arrive in the Hunter Valley that the vineyards are chosen. It will all depend on the groups tastes and interests.

Why can’t I book a tour for later in the year?

Although tours will be running every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday throughout the year, bookings can only be made approximately 2-3 months in advance. If you did want to plan ahead, send Sam an email with the date you wanted and when that date goes online for sale, you will be emailed immediately so you can have the first opportunity to book the day you were after.

How often do the tours run?

Tours leave every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and some Saturdays. During the busier periods such as around Christmas and the New Year there will be extra days allocated. Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays are reserved for private tours.

The site says there is only one seat available however we are two person. Can you squeeze an extra on? 

No, even is you are small. There are 13 available seats and once they are all taken, there is nowhere you can legally sit on the bus.

I’ve booked the tour. Do I need to print out the confirmation?

No, unless you want it for your own needs. Please read it carefully as there is some useful information, including where your pickup location is. But it isn’t required by ourselves.

Do we need to confirm our booking?

It’s not necessary as your email confirmation at the time of booking is all the confirmation required. If for some reason there is an issue regarding your booking, we will contact you via email and/or phone.

Are we allocated specific seats?

No, guests choose their seats when they get picked up. So those being picked up last (Mamma’s Restaurant) would have the last choice of seats. If you are keen to have a better choice of seats, it’s advised you pick the YHA (the main pickup point)  or perhaps an earlier pickup location.

If I miss the bus, can I get a refund, even if it wasn’t my fault?

No, so please don’t miss the bus. Try to be there 10 minutes before your departure time.

The tour is full, can we be put on a waiting list?

Yes, please email Sam via the contact us page and tell him which date you would like to join, the number in your party and contact details. Usually, if someone cancels, it’s the night before so you may not know until the evening before the tour if there is availability.

What currency do we use in Australia?

The Australian Dollar $AUD is the only currency accepted in Australia.

How do we choose the Hunter Valley Gardens option?

You can decided this on the day of the tour. Let Sam know when you board and he’ll make arrangements to have you spend your afternoon time there instead of one of the vineyards and brewery. Entrance fee is $30pp.

Can we eat and drink on the bus?

With the exception of bottled water (which is provided on the bus) there is no eating or drinking allowed on the bus.

What are our lunch options?

There are some great lunch options for you that include a café styled meal (wonderful selection of baguettes, gourmet burgers, wraps as well as a lot more for less than $10), an Asian restaurant ($10 – $25),  and a high-end lunch option. Or BYO and have a picnic!

Can children come along?

Yes, they are more than welcome however we leave it up to parents to decide if their children are suitable for such a tour as you will be travelling with other guests. Children under 7 require an RTA approved car seat installed so please let us know if you have made a booking for a child under 7 years. Children under 7 years are $119pp. Children 7 years and over are $139pp.

How long is the tour?

We aim to leave Sydney at 7.45am and return at about 6.00pm. This happens 90% of the time however delays are possible due to excessive traffic. Different times may be arranged for private tours.

I can’t book on the day I want. Why?

Either there is no tour running on that day (such as Tuesdays, Thursdays or Sundays) or the tour is full for that day. Hopefully there will be another day you will be available to go so perhaps try again with another date.

What is the itinerary?

Click HERE to be directed to our Hunter Valley itinerary page.

Can we buy wine?

Yes, wine sales are available from each of the vineyards we visit. You are also able to purchase chocolate and cheese following their tastings too.

Do you do private tours?

Yes, these are popular with groups of friends or workmates. We can give private tours for any sized group from a couple of people to a coach load (50+). Group tours also tend to work out to be cheaper per person too.

What are the booking terms and conditions?

Please click HERE to read our terms and conditions.

Do you have another question?

Please feel free to email us via the contacts page or ring Sam on 0431894471